Industrial Design / Product development

After 5 years in business as Tycka Design, consulting on Industrial Design projects, our services have evolved. Our business relationships have led us to focus on a larger perspective beyond Industrial design solutions to complete strategic solutions for overall organisational growth. As we broaden our viewpoint we will work towards unifying all your organisational strategies towards a singular direction of growth.

As we celebrate this business milestone we are excited to introduce our new brand identity: ENFOST.

At Enfost, we are a team of Strategic Thinkers and Industrial Designers who believe in being ‘Growth Catalyst’ for organizations. Meaningful growth requires disruptive thinking combined with logical execution. Deeper research and design thinking becomes the starting point, supported by a relentless pursuit of perfection and attention to detail.

Our vision is to foster the growth of organisations through Innovation, Products, Experiences and Brand.


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Strategic Product Design

We enable our clients to visualize the broader perspective bridging the gap between Business and Design through Design Thinking. We help identify, prioritize and evolve new products and opportunities. Our understanding of the business requirements and how we can translate that into product strategy is our core strength. We help our clients to Design their Business.

Industrial Design and Engineering

We believe that design is a process of creating Value. Though our core competency is blending aesthetics, form, and function, we believe that right from sourcing of raw material to disposal after use, Design has a bearing in each of the stages in the product lifecycle. We like to challenge conventional practices to get to the root of the problem. We use quick prototyping to understand the pitfalls. Our strength in Engineering and technology helps bring ideas to market reality in a shorter time.

Digital Experiences

We provide services for user interface design for digital products, mobile, tablets. Our services include mobile brand strategy, UI, and UX, product development for Android, iOS, and Windows touchscreen platforms.

Product Branding

The brand is an opportunity to tell your story, to connect to your customer at an emotional level. Our services include Brand Strategy, Identity Development, Design Language Development, Packaging Design and Artwork, Product Naming, Graphics, and Illustrations.