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Design Sprints for Startups

Product, Positioning, MVP development, customer feedback and overall strategy define the customer acquisition early on and hence invested confidence.

The design sprints align both strategy and execution for product development. We help you reach to the exact product that can help acquire first customers and with the least amount of capital and to arrive at a tested and well defined product right before the scale up activities.

Ideas to MVP

Product, Brand &
Market engagement

Product Communication and Marketing strategies

Investor pitch
preseed seed

Product Strategy

Product Research and
Quick Market Intelligence

4 weeks

Week 1

Primary Research +
Product Design specifications

Week 2

Concept Development +
Investor Pitch

Week 3

Engineering +

Week 4

Design verification +
User Testing

Ideal for Startups

These design sprints are shaped and evolved with a startup mindset.

We believe in startups and their disruptive power to innovate and change the rules. At our core, we firmly believe in the extraordinary potential of startups and their capacity to revolutionize industries, challenging established norms and paving the way for innovation.

Bringing a vision to life is al lot hardwork. Working with constraints and a very lean budget, startups needs to identify the quickest way to reach the market with the right product, from clarifying the strategy and business models to arriving at the MVP with a fail fast approach. In this high-stakes realm, as a design agenecy we bring our vast experience that help you transform your startup into a learning and thriving organisation, that stay well ahead of the competitive curve.

We offer our service in quick sprint project spanning a month, which includes Product research, Product strategy and Brand positioning, Product development (MVP), Prototyping and validation and product pitch for investment.

Key advantages

We gaurantee the quickest turn around time from concept to testing to validation. We get work done by different teams you you dont lose your precious time and reach the market as quick as possible.

Get a design director and full team to work on your startup idea. You tap into a collective experience of a successful team that has worked across domains and geographies. The cost and energy required to hire an internal design team (or lead designer) is better spent on other critical activities where the Startup has more hands-on experience. We will take care of Design.

In our workshop based approach, we have developed sufficient toolkits and methodolgies to build on your strategy to arrive at the winning product.

After the month long engagement, We would be keen to work over a long term on a retainer basis.