TVL – Gas Regulator

Re-designed a Gas Regulator product for the Indian Kitchen segment, which adds new experience to Indian kitchens. [Clients:Trans Valves (INDIA) PVT.LTD]

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This project involved the development of the next-gen Gas Regulator to be added to the production line of Transvalves India Pvt. Ltd. The idea was to improve on the current Gas Regulators, by providing the users with a much better auditory and visual feedback of Fuel levels and Gas Leakages.

TVL - Gas Regulator Design



Depicted below is the Gas Regulator currently used in Indian households, based on which the next version was supposed to be developed. The new version would be incorporated on the same chassis, with provisions for inserting batteries, speakers for auditory alerts and a digital display to indicate the Fuel level in the gas cylinder.

Product Study

After confirming the layout and dimensions, we proceeded to make some inspirational moodboards for the aesthetics, keeping in mind the rough usage of the product, the under counter space in Indian kitchens, as well as the ease in access for users.

Mood Board

Then we proceeded to develop concepts for the same and started to group them on the basis of “Approachability”, “Ruggedness”, “Robustness” and “Softness”

TVL - Gas Regulator Ideation sketches

TVL - Gas Regulator Concept Sketches

TVL - Gas Regulator Sketches

TVL - Gas Regulator Concept Generation

After creating full scale dimensional layouts for the chosen concept, we proceeded to develop the surfaces in CAD.

TVL - Gas Regulator CAD

The CAD model was visualised in renderings, details added for better understanding of the product, with five colour options to choose from.

TVL - Gas Regulator Design Detail Rendering

TVL - Gas Regulator Rendering colour options