Achelous Water Purifier

6 stage 7+1L RO+UV Water Purifier


  • Moonbow (A consumer appliance brand of Hindware) recognized that the Water Purifier category was an undifferentiated and crowded space, and in need of innovation. They challenged us with developing a design strategy for the Moonbow brand that would disrupt existing market conventions based on consumer behaviors, needs, attitudes, and desires.


    Moonbow Water Purifier Design Moonbow Water Purifier Design


  • To gain insights into Purifier use and the latent needs of consumers, we conducted a series of rapid ethnographies in the homes of a diverse group of people ranging from young singles, to stay-at-home moms, to large families. We discovered that consumers Used RO purified water for a lot more activities other than purely for drinking purposes. From cleaning vegetables, to rinsing rice in the kitchen.

    Interface Design Water purifier Internal Structure Design_ CAD Moonbow Water Purifier prototype ,Moonbow Water Purifier prototype