Achelous Water Purifier

6 stage 7+1L RO+UV Water Purifier


Moonbow (A consumer appliance brand of Hindware) recognized that the Water Purifier category was an undifferentiated and crowded space, and in need of innovation. They challenged us with developing a design strategy for the Moonbow brand that would disrupt existing market conventions based on consumer behaviors, needs, attitudes, and desires.


Moonbow Water Purifier Design Moonbow Water Purifier Design



To gain insights into Purifier use and the latent needs of consumers, we conducted a series of rapid ethnographies in the homes of a diverse group of people ranging from young singles, to stay-at-home moms, to large families. We discovered that consumers Used RO purified water for a lot more activities other than purely for drinking purposes. From cleaning vegetables, to rinsing rice in the kitchen.

Interface Design Water purifier Internal Structure Design_ CAD Moonbow Water Purifier prototype ,Moonbow Water Purifier prototype