Point of sales for smaller retail shops.


A POS application intended at smaller kirana shops,  the issues to be tackled were varied ranging from untrained staff to large inventory management, to unpackaged items and the ease of interaction with a high-tech device considering a smaller 7 inch touch interface.

pos - user interface UI design

netpos - user interface UI UX designnetpos - user interface UX design
The images above depict the flow of the interface in various screens.



UI UX Scenario MindmappingThe mobile phone will eventually play a greater role in getting computing, connectivity to the masses.
netpos - user interface concept sketching

netpos - user interface sketching

Wireframes to better understand the flow of the screens and the related elements.



POS Main screen design

POS Admin screen design

POS Notification screen design

POS billing screen design

The final layout is chosen, and we start to develop all the related pages ; Start up page, Admin page, Login page, Notification screen, etc.
POS Weight Screen design
POS Product Screen designPOS Volume Screen design


The above screens depict the three types of ‘search’ and ‘add’, options available in the interface. It also indicates the purchase options, the situation in case of multiple carts, multiple customers on multiple mediums, and the various transaction options available.