NETPOS – Micro POS machine

A micro-POS machine intended for smaller retail shop, integrating display, printer, credit card, smart card and phone


    NetPOS is a micro point of sale device intended for small one window retail shops. The device brings together a 7-inch touch screen, a hand phone, credit card / smart card reader, 5-inch thermal printer. A compact solution for the small retail shops.

    NETPOS - Micro POS machine Design

    NETPOS - Micro POS machine Rendering


  • The preliminary brief from the client was to study approaches to achieve higher penetration of computers in the public domain.

    NETPOS - Micro POS machine Design Brief POS machine Design Market study

    We explored the reasons why the penetration of computing and connectivity was very low.

     POS machine Design Research POS Machine Brand Positioning The market segments.  POS Machine Market Study  POS Machine Design Mood Board

    The redefined brief.

    NET POS Product positioning Consumer Study

    Preliminary sketches.

     POS Machine Concept Sketching

    Refined ideas.

     POS Machine Concept Ideation

    3D lay outing of components.

     POS Machine 3D Layouting

    Internal floor Plan 3D layouting

     POS Machine Internal Floor 3D Design

    2D layout of concepts over 3D component layouts.

     POS Machine 2D 3D Drawings

    Concept Directions.

     POS Machine Concepts Rendering

    Direction 1

     POS Machine Concept 1 Rendering

    Direction 2

     POS Machine Concept 2 Rendering

    Final direction 3

     POS Machine Concept Rendering & Detailing  POS Machine Concept Rendering Detailing  POS Machine Product Rendering & Detailing

    Engineering design detailing

     POS Machine Engineering Design & Detailing  POS Machine Internal CAD Design

    Rapid prototyping

     POS Machine Rapid Prototyping

    Design verification testing

    Design verification testing

    Functional Mark1 Prototype

    Functional Prototype

    Tooling after Mark2 Prototype

    Tooling Details of Prototype

    T1 samples

     POS Machine Functional Prototype

    NET POS Machine Functional Prototype

    Packaging design

    POS Machine Packaging design