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Design Sprints for Startups

Defining the product, positioning, MVP development, gathering customer feedback, and formulating an overall strategy are pivotal in shaping early-stage customer acquisition efforts. Our design sprints seamlessly synchronize strategy, design and engineering in the product development process. We guide you towards creating the precise product that enables the acquisition of initial customers with the least capital investment. This approach ensures that you arrive at a thoroughly tested and well-defined product just before scaling up your activities.

Ideas to MVP

Product, Brand &
Market engagement

Product Communication and Marketing strategies

Investor pitch
preseed seed

Product Strategy

Product Research and
Quick Market Intelligence

4 weeks

Week 1

Primary Research +
Product Design specifications

Week 2

Concept Development +
Investor Pitch

Week 3

Engineering +

Week 4

Design verification +
User Testing

Ideal for Startups

These design sprints are shaped and evolved with a lean startup mindset.