Automotive Exterior Design

Brute is an All Terrain Vehicle that doubles up as adventure vehicle and also perform some basic agricultural task like tilling. Marketed towards huge ranch owners and adventure enthusiast this vehicle explores possibility of combining utility with aggressive aesthetics. The automobile concept was done for an Indian ATV chassis manufacturer.


Automotive exterior design for All Terrain Vehicle.

automobile concept design

Automotive chassis design

Design aketch automobile

We started of by exploring possibilities on the already designed and prototyped Chassis.

automobile concept sketchingpossibilities over a cross over?

Automobile desing moodboardvehicle moodboard designSemantic Moodboards : Raw brute to Mature macho to Satanic evil.

hand sketching concept suv All terrain vehicle concept sketch

design concept sketch suv


sketching atv concept design

hand sketches concept design automotiveExploratory sketches.

colour rendering concept designConcept direction 1 – Brute

Concept 2 – Machoall terrain vehicle concept CAD renderingvehicle concept sketchConcept 3 -Evil
concept refined over the chasischassis overlay design process all terrain vehicle concept design

SUV concept design

automobile concept design language

car design concept side by side

concept rendering

concept design prototype