STALLION – Mixer Grinder

Enfost delivers a fresh new look to kitchen Mixer Grinder segment.


Facing stiff competition in the Indian Kitchen Mixer Grinder market, the client provided a clear cut brief stating that he wanted a fresh new look for his flagship Mixer Grinder.

STALLION - Mixer grinder Design


Before developing concepts for Mixer Grinders, we proceeded to lay down the entire scenario of the Indian Kitchen, and then boiled down to the role of the Kitchen grinder in this ecospace.

STALLION - Mixer grinder Usage Study

STALLION - Mixer grinder Product Study

After charting out the ecospace and the related products, we proceeded to develop moodboards based on Materials, Finishes, Textures and Colours.

STALLION - Mixer grinder Mood Boards

Next, the team sat down to develop concepts for the Mixer grinder family ; Motor assembly (base), 2 Jars (500ml), 1 Jar (250ml), 1 Chutney Jar and 1 Jar for to act as a juicer.

STALLION - Mixer grinder Concept Sketching

STALLION - Mixer grinder Ideation Sketches STALLION - Mixer grinder Concept Generation

At the end, the team had developed six initial concepts, which were then presented to the client. The client likes two concepts, “Diamond” and “Stallion”, amongst which we agree to develop the first one.

STALLION - Mixer grinder Design Concepts

Choosing ‘Diamond” as the direction, we proceed to realise it in CAD, developing options for the jars, control knobs, handles and other details.

STALLION - Mixer grinder Renderings

“Diamond” family is developed at a quick pace, which makes us realise that there is yet time to develop another. So we proceed with the development of the second choice, “Stallion”.