SkanRay – Dental Xray

A dental Xray machine for Air Techniques USA, in collaboration with Skanray.

We collaborated with Skanray technologies to develop a Dental Xray machine for Air Techniques USA.

skanray final render

Skaray Concept Final render

Received a brief from the client stating that the design of the machine had to look ‘Modern’ and up-to-date, but at the same time, not intimidate the operator but instead feel approachable and calm.

We sat down to discuss the possible approaches and narrowed ourselves to four different directions, “Calm and Tranquil”, “Simple and Elegant”, “Modern and Complex” and “High – Tech and Approachable”. ¬†After developing a few mood boards for our inspiration, we proceeded to create forms for the same.

Skanray Calm & Tranquil : Moodboard & Sketches

Skanray Simple & Elegant : Moodboard & Sketches

Skanray Modern & Complex : Moodboard & Sketches

Skanray Concept 4 Moodboard & Sketches

Out of the various forms developed, the team proceeded to develop Styrofoam mock ups of the tube head to gain a better perspective on the dimensions involved and the final surfaces of the form.

skanray mock ups Prototypes

Finalising the surfaces on the Styrofoam mock ups enabled us to develop CAD models for the tube heads, following which we proceeded to develop the rest of the supporting parts and details.

Skanray Concept Renders

Skanray Concept 1 Render

Skanray Concept 2 Render

Skanray Concept 3 Render

skanray concept 4 Renders

skanray render different views

skanray Prototype